BIMI Will Increase Your Brand Impression At No Cost

What is BIMI?

Stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification a new standard for logo display in marketing or sales emails.

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) was released last week. This protocol was built on the top on DMARC the email anti-spoofing standard for the purpose of adding an extra level of consumer trust.

It provides that the brand’s logo (brand impressions) appears next to the email subject line in your inbox and in the upper left corner (outside of the email body) once you open the message.

BIMI is only available for email senders with DMARC-autenticated domains. BIMI instructions will have to be added to the domain owners Domain Name System (DNS) records, such as the URL of the logo file. The file in this pilot is a graphical image of a logo, but it could be any media file — video, animation — if the ISP and email provider would support that. The BIMI logo is displayed in a space controlled by the email service provider.

The first pilot for BIMI will start rolling out next week for Yahoo Mail users, in the app or on the web. Participating brands include Groupon, Aetna and Agari.