Facebook AB Testing ppcgraph

Advertisers will now have more ways to test ads and a new dashboard to track split-test KPIs.

Facebook has added new features to its A/B split-testing feature for advertisers and they made it available from within the Quick Creation workflow.

The A/B ad-testing option, launched in October of last year (2017), was only available in the Facebook Ads Manager’s Guided Creation workflow. With this recent update, Facebook has added A/B Ad-testing or Split-testing option to its Quick Creation flow where advertisers can create ads in bulk.

Split test ads are optimized for engagement

Facebook’s A/B testing has allowed advertisers to test different ad formats, visuals, headlines and calls to action. Now, it will also support testing based on engagement objective.

“We’ve added split testing support for the engagement marketing objective, so you can easily run a split test on ads optimized for post engagement, Page likes and event responses,” says Facebook.

Duplicate split tests while maintaining settings

Facebook has also made it possible to duplicate a split test while running existing split-test settings to speed it up, which allows you to focus in results.

“This makes it easy for marketers to use prior split tests as a template for new tests or to easily restart a test,” says Facebook.

Split test reporting

There is a new reporting dashboard to track a selection of standard KPIs for split tests, including CPM, CPC and CTR.