things brands wish their agencies were better at

The right agency selection is of no surprise is a decision that business owners do not take lightly for their brands. I will shed the light on 5 things business owners should look for before considering an agency or freelancer for their brand.

41% of brands say they wish their agencies or freelancers were better at innovative techniques.

5 Things to consider before selecting an agency or freelancer:

  1. Level of expertise
    It is important to make sure an agency is able to see the end of the tunnel, this comes if an agency has steep expertise.
  2. Able to grow top-line revenues
    An agency or freelancer should be to grow a company’s gross sales or revenues by up to 15% by running an effective advertising campaign.
  3. Responsive to business needs
    Average response time should be agreed upon between agency and business to ensure timely fashion response and execution of time-sensitive campaigns.
  4. Being transparency
    An agency should provide business read access to its digital assets to be able to see and offer suggestions.
  5. Proactive and result oriented
    Deep understanding of the client’s business and competitors is crucial for an agency to be proactive in offering innovative solutions and ideas that movies top-line needle.

Things brands wish their agencies or freelancers were better at