LinkedIn Dynamic Ad example - PPC Graph

LinkedIn advertisers are now able to create and manage LinkedIn Dynamic Ad campaigns and track how they are performing.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads will help businesses and agencies running Dynamic Ads campaigns on LinkedIn will now be able to create, manage and track existing and new campaigns through the Campaign Manager platform.

LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads run on the professional networking site’s desktop feed and are customized per the viewer using publicly accessible information from the LinkedIn professional user’s profile.

Creatives are automatically adapted or personalized with each member’s profile info, like their photo, first name, company, job title and more,” LinkedIn Principal Product Manager Ayusman Sarangi said in a statement. “You can add macros, data mapping tools for even greater customization capabilities.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads also come with pre-defined templates and auto-translation capabilities. According to Sarangi, LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads have delivered up to two times the click-through rate of traditional display ads.

With the added ability to run A/B tests and track campaign results using the Campaign Manager, LinkedIn advertisers will be able to better gauge how their Dynamic Ads are performing on the professional networking platform.