Google Signals

Google Signals: Your next shortcut to know your customers

Google Signals, was first launched in July 2018, it is a new feature in Google Analytics that enables cross-device reporting and re-marketing.  It gives you the ability...

Google Ads Custom Intent Audiences

Custom intent audiences in Google Ads, allows you to reach the ideal audience or people for your business in your YouTube campaigns. This can be achieved by segmenting your...

Definition of Ad Recall Lift

Ad recall lift metric in Facebook allows you to get an estimate of the number of people who can remember your your brand, if asked within two days of seeing your Ad
click spam

What is Click Spam Fraud in Mobile Ads With Example

Click spam, Also known as “Click Flooding”, “Click Fraud” or “Fake Clicks”, this term describes any fraud scheme that executes clicks on behalf of the device’s user...
Mobile Ad Fraud

Ad Fraud Definition

Ad fraud is when an individual or group attempt to defraud advertisers, publishers or supply partners by exploiting mobile advertising technology. The objective of fraudsters is to...
Neuromarketing Definition

So What is Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscience to marketing. Neuromarketing includes the direct use of brain imaging, scanning, or other brain activity measurement technology to measure a subject’s...
What is a chatbot

What is a Chatbot or Social Bot – The Definition

So what is a chatbot or social bot and how does it work? Chatbots are algorithms, pieces of software that use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate certain...
how remarketing works

What is remarketing

Remarketing shows ads to people who've visited your website or used your mobile app, this is what remarketing is. When people leave your website without buying anything, for...
single keyword ad group

SKAG: What is single keyword ad groups

SKAGs Stands for Single Keyword Ad Groups, It is an effective approach to deliver highly targeted AdWord Ad copy to a group of people in a particular...

What is Dark Social? The Definition

Dark Social refers to social media sharing of content (Posts, Videos, Image, etc) that happens outside of what can be measured and tracked by analytical platforms (Google...