Examples of Neuromarketing in Real life

Despite the widespread and influence of neuromarketing in the world, many people do not know exactly what neuromarketing is, or how it can be used effectively. Here...
things brands wish their agencies were better at

How to Choose The Right Agency For Your Brand

The right agency selection is of no surprise is a decision that business owners do not take lightly for their brands. I will shed the light on...
IP-to-Point of Interest

GPS-to-POI – Digital Element launches the ‘first IP-to-Point of Interest’ database

Location data is most useful when it can tell advertisers the proximity of physical locations to potential customers. To better accomplish that task, geo-location data provider Digital Element...
Speed: Average Speed Index - United States

90% of Mobile Users Will Bounce After 3 Seconds

Google has conducted research to find out that web page will take 22 seconds to load on a mobile device using an average 3G connection. The study found...
LinkedIn Dynamic Ad example - PPC Graph

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads – Two Times Click-through Rate

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads will help businesses and agencies running Dynamic Ads campaigns on LinkedIn will now be able to create, manage and track existing and new campaigns...
best chatbot hero ppcgraph

Chatbot Example: Here is a List of Best 3 Social Bots

Chatbots or social bots are algorithms, pieces of software that use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate certain tasks and carry conversations with humans, with the purpose of...
how remarketing works

What is remarketing

Remarketing shows ads to people who've visited your website or used your mobile app, this is what remarketing is. When people leave your website without buying anything, for...
PPC Traffic Killer

8 Mistakes to avoid when working with Google AdWords

Google AdWords (Now Google Ads) is probably one of the best online marketing platforms out there to generate leads, sales, increase brand awareness, and grow your business. Most...

What is Dark Social? The Definition

Dark Social refers to social media sharing of content (Posts, Videos, Image, etc) that happens outside of what can be measured and tracked by analytical platforms (Google...
AI Ad testing

AI Ad testing will replace traditional A/B testing

Ad testing has been for the most part, as simple as A/B test. Evaluating which Ad performs best by changing Ad copy, URL, etc. Through 50/50 split...