LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories Are Coming Soon

LinkedIn stories have been under heavy testing, this week the company has announced that it will be gradually rolled out in the coming months. This came after...

Twitter Fleets – A New Stories Feature?

Twitter Fleets, is a new feature that Twitter is testing, which is similar to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat stories. Product lead at Twitter, Kayvon Beykpour, made the announcement...

Youtube New Interface Coming This March

Youtube new interface will be introduced this March of 2020. This move comes after three year of launching current Youtube desktop theme in 2017. Other notable changes...
Facebook Learning Phase

Facebook Learning Phase: Save On CPR

Facebook learning phase is the period when Facebook Ad delivery system is learning about the best ways to optimize an ad set towards marketing objective. During this...
Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay: Social Payments From Facebook

Facebook launched its new payment service called Facebook Pay in the United States, following WeChat steps. The payment service will allow you to pay people and businesses...
Facebook Privacy

Facebook Removes Business Page Information

Facebook will be removing certain elements of business page information section, that will be effective August, 1st 2019.This Facebook update came after the investigation conducted by the...

3 Tips to Use Storytelling Style for Facebook Ad Copy

Facebook ad copy, Photos and videos in Facebook ads always precede the headline or text. By the time your eye catches the image and you stop scrolling...
Facebook Survey

What Are Brand Lift Studies In Facebook

Brand Lift Studies by Facebook allows advertisers and business owners to understand how well their brand resonates with the intended audience by running a branding campaign, the...

Definition of Ad Recall Lift

Ad recall lift metric in Facebook allows you to get an estimate of the number of people who can remember your your brand, if asked within two days of seeing your Ad
Facebook Attribution Channels

Facebook Attribution Is Now Available For All Markers

The reports offer cross-device conversion visualizations (example shown above), insights into purchases resulting from paid, organic and direct sources, as well as conversion and visit metrics broken...